Bio of Montgomery Scott (Scotty)

Also known as Scotty, Chief engineer aboard the original Starship Enterprise under the command of Captain James Kirk. Scott's Starfleet serial number was SE 19754.T. Scott's engineering career began in 2242, and he served on a total of eleven ships, including a stint as an engineering advisor on the asteroid freight run from planet Deneva, making the cargo run a couple of times. The original U.S.S. Enterprise was the first starship on which Scott served as chief engineer, and he distinguished himself many times in that position by improvising engineering miracles that more than once saved the ship and its crew. While serving aboard the original Enterprise, Scott once suffered from a near-fatal accelerated aging disease. He was actually killed in 2267 by space probe Nomad, although the errant probe later returned Scott to life. Scotty was scheduled to retire some three months after the Khitomer peace conference incident in 2293, and had bought a boat in anticipation of having more free time. Later that year, Scott was an honored guest at the launch of the Starship Enterprise-B. Captain James T. Kirk was lost and believed killed on that flight. He finally did retire in 2294 at the age of 72, having served in Starfleet for 52 years. He was in the process of relocating to the retirement community at the Norpin Colony when his transport ship, the Jenolen, crashed into a Dyson Sphere. Scott, the only survivor of the crash, survived for 75 years by suspending himself inside a transporter beam. He was rescued in 2369 by an away team from the Enterprise-D. Following his rescue, Scott embarked for parts unknown aboard a shuttlecraft loaned to him by Enterprise captain Picard. Scott never married but he became romantically involved with fellow crew member Mira Romaine in 2269. That relationship ended when Romaine transferred to Memory Alpha.

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